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Hello im Fabien

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Hello im Fabien

Post by Fabien on Mon 02 Jan 2012, 02:22

Hello my name is Fabien im playing haxball 1 year.

I like hosting,some people saying that im good at it.

Want to become a good player, and play in a league in the team.
Very Happy

Double bounce!
Double bounce!

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Re: Hello im Fabien

Post by Dooms on Mon 02 Jan 2012, 14:11




<17:01:26> "Mick": hi Fritz i know you think im a noob but someone said you're searching for a GK so could i have just 1 chance to prove myself!

<12:06:47> "Joel": its a romanc movi
<12:10:20> "DOOMS": didnt u wach tht yestrday
<12:11:53> "Joel": no cus spider wos ere
<12:11:58> "Joel": so i ran out n went dwnstaira
<12:12:31> "DOOMS": gud desisun
Did a ping pong schush
Did a ping pong schush

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