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Idea for Post-Season 3

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Idea for Post-Season 3

Post by DEVINURDOG on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 00:37

To keep the league interesting, I've come up with a post-league tournament for people to experiment on playing techniques before the next season.

Name: Mix'n'Match Cup
When: After the league season is done.

Concept: The top 4 teams from each division are put into this team. Like a trading period, all of them must release 2 players from their team. After this, each released member by random will be placed in a random team, can be div 1 or div 2, doesn't matter. Captains of the original league teams MUST note down their team before and after this process, or their may be confusion and the league may fail. This will ensure you play with new people and you learn new techniques and strengths/weaknesses. The process is done by random so we don't have the problem of teams who already know how to play with each other, teams which are like ARRIBA and the same teams as in the league.

Games: This will work like a UEFA Champions League knockout, 2 games of 10 minutes, home and away, meaning 20 minutes of play. These matches will be played 3v3 on Big. The team with the most points after the 20 minutes move on, while the losing team is eliminated. After teams lose, they can revert back to their own team IF their original team are eliminated too. This league won't take too long, but that's the point, because there has to be time to sort out the next season.

This league will help captains in their trading and will give players new experiences in the league, also keeping everyone entertained before the new league starts. Unfortunately, the 4 teams who miss out on the league have to be missed out because the league simply couldn't work with 12 teams. Maybe when leagues expand to 8 teams each, we can get everyone involved.

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Double bounce!

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