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Just introducing myself

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Just introducing myself

Post by Jack Wilshere on Sat 17 Nov 2012, 21:19

First of all hello to the bunch of english folks present here, I'm of course sorry for all the mistakes I'll make in your honourable langage - even if I don't really have problems with understanding english, when writing or speaking it.. my english become bloody awful Dolan

So what can I tell you about me.. Not so many thing especially, I'm playing the game since February 2011, created the french community in July 2011 with some friends ( gooner friends Cool ) and played in not so many teams for my living experience in haxball.

I stopped haxball 4-5 months ago for some reasons, but here I'm back now to play a little bit in the foreign communities. I think I remember some members here like shockboy, who were commentating some old champion's league we organized once with two other communities.

So cya everybody, and coucou to the french fellows who are present here.
Jack Wilshere
x or space to kick
x or space to kick

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Re: Just introducing myself

Post by Pedy on Sat 17 Nov 2012, 21:36

Jack we love you <3
Also that Shockboy is inactive too i think Very Happy
Did a wall bounce
Did a wall bounce

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