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The FM S4 Drafts - Day 2

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The FM S4 Drafts - Day 2

Post by DEVINURDOG on Sun 01 Jul 2012, 19:53


The drafts have sped up extensively today, bringing the sign up total to 45, meaning 53 people have gone to a new home so far, but there are still 57 places left for people to claim! There have been many drafts today, so less talking and more showing!

...you think I'm going to show you all of them? Fat chance son, but if you want an overview of what I thought of the picks today, they were all solid and wp to all the teams today, including Starlights for picking me. Laughing

Anyway, here are the stats for today:

Estimated time till draft ends: 2 days
Time till season starts: 22 days
Sign ups so far: 53

Double bounce!
Double bounce!

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